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Packages that implement PHP Standard Recommendations by FIG.

Top 3 best rated classes of PSR group

Rank Class Author Rating
64 ITE PSR-6 Cache
Cache data in several storage compliant with PSR-6
Kiril Savchev 78.12%
323 ITE Event Manager
Manage events implementing PSR-14 interface
Kiril Savchev 71.67%
729 PHP Cache Manager Wrapper
Wrap over cache classes to optimize cache requests
Sergii Pryz 66.25%

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  Files folder image Simple PHP Dependency...  
Author: Pierre-Henry Soria <e-mail contact>
Container to register and call service providers
Not yet rated by the users

  Files folder image Stream PSR 7 Client and Server  
Author: Payam Naderi <e-mail contact>
PSR 7 based network connection client and server
Not yet rated by the users

  Files folder image XLogger PHP PSR Logger  
PHP Programming Innovation award winner
July 2020

Prize: 1 Year Subscription to NomadPHP Advanced PHP Learning
Author: Stefan Kientzler <e-mail contact>
Log events to browser console, text and XML files
Not yet rated by the users

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