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Social Networking

Tools and components to integrate with social networking sites.

Top 3 best rated classes of Social Networking group

Rank Class Author Rating
56 MySpace Content Grab
Retrieve information from a given MySpace profile
Mikey King 78.33%
340 Open Inviter
Get contacts of friends of different networks
Open Inviter 71.16%
585 Facebook Inbox Handler
Access the inbox of Facebook users
Nurul Ferdous 68.12%

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  Files folder image Twitter Updater  
Author: Muhammed M <e-mail contact>
Update and retrieve the statuses of a Twitter user
Not yet rated by the users

  Files folder image twitterlibphp  
Author: Justin Poliey <e-mail contact>
Manipulate a Twitter user account
Not enough user ratings

  Files folder image xTwitter  
Author: Robert Eisele <e-mail contact>
Retrieve information and update Twitter statuses
Not enough user ratings

  Files folder image Zend Framework Facebook...  
Author: Craig Smith <e-mail contact>
Authenticate users with Facebook accounts and Zend
Not enough user ratings

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