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File: examples/cart/app/controllers/cart.php
Role: Example script
Content type: text/plain
Description: Example script
Class: PHP Skeleton Framework
Extensive Web application development framework
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class cart extends A_Controller_Action

    public function
$request = $locator->get('Request');
$response = $locator->get('Response');
$session = $locator->get('Session');
// load product model
$product = $this->_load()->model('product');
// get cart from session
$cartsession = new A_Cart_Session($session);
$cart = $cartsession->getInstance();

// process cart params to add, delete, change items
$cartrequest = new A_Cart_Request($cart);

// get any items added so we can fetch associated product records
$newitems = $cartrequest->getNewItems();
        if (
$newitems) {
// get SKUs for query
$skus = array();
            foreach (
$newitems as $item) {
$skus[] = $item->getProductID();
// get all new product records in one query
$rows = $product->findProductsSkus($skus);
// assign product data to cart items for display
foreach ($newitems as $item) {
$sku = $item->getProductID();
                foreach (
$rows as $row) {
                    if (
$row['sku'] == $sku) {
$item->setData('name', $row['name']);
$item->setData('color', $row['color']);
$item->setData('size', $row['size']);
// add new items now that they have had product data assigned
$response->setPartial('content', 'cart', array('product'=>$product, 'cart'=>$cart, 'cartrequest'=>$cartrequest));

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