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Receiving SMs

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Subject:Receiving SMs
Summary:How to receive SMS via SMPP server
Author:Ariel López
Date:2010-01-25 19:24:29
Update:2010-02-03 02:42:20

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Picture of Ariel López Ariel López - 2010-01-25 19:24:29
Hello everyone, it worked pretty fine for me to send Short Messages, however I'm looking forward to receive SMs. I mean, my application will work as a Command Line Interface Application, it will connect to the SMPP Gateway every certain time to check if there is a short message sent to a specific mobile short number, then I will receive the message in the app and store it in a database.

Does anyone knows how to do this? I appreciate any help.


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Picture of None Fuck None Fuck - 2010-02-03 02:42:20 - In reply to message 1 from Ariel López

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