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Subject:PHP CAPTCHA with Refresh
Summary:Using PHP CAPTCHA with Refresh with PHP 4
Author:David Pyles
Date:2010-11-16 14:52:28
Update:2010-11-18 23:59:27

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Picture of David Pyles David Pyles - 2010-11-16 14:52:28
Has anyone managed to get PHP CAPTCHA with Refresh to work with PHP 4? I can't get it to validate even when I know I'm entering the correct string in the captcha form.

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Picture of callum a callum a - 2010-11-18 23:59:27 - In reply to message 1 from David Pyles
Im trying to implement this script as well and l noticed that when l echoed out the session variable the session variable is different to the image that is generated so it looks like it is possible that the php code is generating different codes between the session variable and the image.

If you have managed to fix this or have been in touch with the author of the script could you please forward me the script

cheers Callum

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